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A Long Drive to Klamath Falls

The drive from Port Orford to Klamath Falls was a lot longer than expected due to the detour of Route 66. It usually takes four hours but it took us five and half hours to get there.

We took 101 heading north to Bandon and then took 42S. Although 42S was a winding narrow road, the scene of the valley was nice with cattle and sheep on the ranches. There were white rolls of tightly sealed hay in the fields. “They look like scallops.” Said Stephen. 42S took us to Coquille where the Coquille Valley was filled with cattle. It seems ranching is one of the major businesses in this area. Temperature started to climb up when we were heading inland.

We turned to I5 at Winston. The Umqua Valley near Roseburg is famous for its vineyards. But we didn’t have time to stop by any of them. The outside temperature was 96 F at Ashland. A big LED sign spelled “Extreme fire danger. Use caution.” The grass was all brown and the hills were covered with few vegetation. We were in the dry area again.

Dead Indian Memorial Road, Oregon

Dead Indian Memorial Road, Oregon

From the map, we should have taken Route 66 after Ashland, but the road sign directed us to a detour of 66. Instead of going east the detour took us northeast. The detour started with some continuous turns, Stephen joked it was like the “Tail of Dragon” in Tennessee. The Tail of Dragon refers to highway 129 which has 319 curves in 11 miles. We stumbled across that road once. Now the detour took us climbing into the mountains, making sharp turns. It was more difficult making those turns towing a trailer. We had no idea how long the detour will be and what the road situation ahead. I turned on the GPS and found out that we were on the Dead Indian Memorial Road. Not a pleasant name! I told Stephen that we will be on the detour for another 40 miles and there will be lots of sharp turns ahead.

The most difficult part was in the middle of the detour started at Ice House Creek. There were at least 7 sharp turns in 2 miles. The second half of the detour was less difficult to drive. Finally we got off the detour at Clover Creek. We took a short break in the Fremont Winema National Forest and made sure we were heading to the right direction. The Clover Creek Road finally connected to Route 66. We were really tired when we go to the Klamath Falls KOA.

Swamps of midges welcome us! That was a special Klamath Falls experience. We were told that midges don’t bite because they don’t have mouths. Oh well, at least they are not as bad as mosquitos and flies.


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