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Across Iowa and Into South Dakota

We had breakfast at Cracker Barrel and then hit the road at about 8. Off to an early start, the sky was clear and blue without a cloud. Yesterday we covered about 380 miles, today we need to drive across Iowa and go up north to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It was a 450 miles drive.

Iowa is the heartland of America. It is famous for corn and hogs. Rolling hills covered with corn crops moving back on both sides of I-80W as our GMC Canyon moved forward. Wild flowers with the colors of orange, yellow, purple flanked the highway. The name of a town by the road –“What Cheer” made us smile.

As we drove westward, the west sky was turning darker. Towering white cumulonimbus clouds sat in the distance sky above the corn fields. We passed Des Moines. After we filled up the tank with Diesel at a gas station, it started to rain a little. It rained harder after lunch. In the country between Des Moines and Atlantic, groups of white windmills are giant sculptures dominating the skyline. These modern style windmills stood in between the sky and earth, playing symphonies directed by the wind. Black angus cows grazed peacefully on the pasture here and there.

The rain stopped in the early afternoon. We stopped by a scenic view point and climbed up a wooden tower. The vista of the hilly plain unfolds underneath and extended to the horizon. The deep green vegetation was exuberant under the cloudy sky. Rivers of vehicles crisscrossed on the highway that cuts through the country. Stephen hurried to check the plants on the hillside which he spotted from above. Guess what? They were marijuana! They might be wild. A lonely glacial erratic sat on top of the hill at the foot of the tower.

We saw the Missouri River by highway I-29 when we drove across Sioux City. Then we entered South Dakota, our new residency state. As we approached Sioux Falls, a sign made us laugh. It reads “Eat steak, wear furs, keep your guns. The America’s way.” The blue sky and sunshine welcome us to our second stop – Sioux Falls. We finally made it to Sioux Falls at about 4 p.m.


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  1. Kathi J Froehlich

    Thank you for letting me tag along on your trip! Like Kathy said, it’s like being in the car with you!

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