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Amazing Gardens at Michigan State University


A Red Dragonfly

We briefly visited two gardens at Michigan State University (MSU). With over 3,000 cultivars of plants and 2,500 interpretive labels, W.J. Beal Botanical Garden is a perfect place to stroll and learn. A staff member demonstrated and explained us how sensitive plants react to touch. He touched the stem of a sensitive plant, the stem collapsed and all the leaves on the stem closed immediately. Fascinating! It would take 20 minutes to recover.


A Trio of Water Lilies


Pure White Water Lily


A Pink Water Lily and Its Reflection

The 14 acres MSU Horticulture Gardens were beautiful with dazzling blossoms. A giant floral sculpture shaped like a bird welcomed visitors at the entrance. A group of dressed up boys of the groom gathered in front of the gardens for the wedding. Colorful hanging flower baskets adorned the magnificent circular arbor. Tall white spider flowers, white and purple globe amaranth and other flowers circled the base of the arbor. Rainbow paths on the children’s garden took us to the water lily pond. Water lilies in different shades were blooming beautifully. A small arched bridge crossed the pond. White water lilies were pure and elegant. A trio of  beautiful cream colored water lilies looked so peaceful nearby. A huge Koi fish surfaced and swam among the water plants and disappeared. The reflection of the pink water lily made this little corner more peaceful. Frogs stuck their heads out from the water and then jumped to the stones to get some sun. The displays of colorful annual and perennial blossoms were mesmerizing. Fountains, sculptures, gazebos, arbors and pergolas added more charm to the gardens. The deep sound of the bell from the towering Beaumont Tower reverberated above the beautiful campus, reflecting the profound history of the university.

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