RV Saga

Creation of the rvsaga.com

Although we haven’t started our RV adventure, we started to design the website for our future blogs. I brainstormed a list of 20 some names for the domain name. Then we narrowed it down to about 5 names. Some of the domain names are already taken. Luckily rvsaga was available! We then used wordpress.org to design rvsaga.com. We chose our current web host machighway because our current plan can hold two websites.

It took some time to learn how to use wordpress. We chose the theme, wrote some test posts, added widgets and gave it a test run. Our rvsaga.com was born!

I uploaded some videos to youtube and copied the links to rvsaga.com. Friends in the U.S. but not China (unfortunately) can watch them. We finally added the email address admin@rvsaga.com to our email application. So we can get notifications. Friends can also subscribe to our blog and get notifications when new posts are up.

I searched themes provided by wordpress and tried them out one by one. Finally I settled down on this theme. I spent a whole day yesterday designing the logo. I drew the logo in Powerpoint and exported it as a JPEG file. It took me a long time to get the size of the logo right that fits the space on the website. Followed a video on Youtube, I finally made the background of the logo transparent. I changed the colors of navigation bar from blue to green to match the logo.

RVsaga.com Logo

The logo looks fine, but the top of the website was empty on the right. I added a slogan to the logo and saved it as one image, and then uploaded to the website. The site icon was also updated. Here is the new look of rvsaga.com!



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