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Day 5 at Newhalem Campground

We found out that the voltage of the battery for the Escape trailer was down to 12.1V this morning. That was very close to the warning level of 12V! We were not sure about whether we could stay for another night at Newhalem Campground. So we took Washington 20 heading east to see if any nearby campgrounds were available with sunny sites.

We stopped by the Colonial Creek Campground. It was right by the Lake Diablo and was packed. It is a small campground and the sites are small and shady. Campers came here to launch a boat, rafting or kayaking.

Mountains by Lake Diablo

Mountains by Lake Diablo

Just a short drive from that campground, we came to this Diablo Outlook. The vista was spectacular and beyond my description! The most gorgeous scenery I have ever seen. Under the blue sky and white clouds, the elegant Colonial Peak came to view first. We saw them from the bank of the Lake Diablo yesterday. But now we drove up high in the mountains, they became so close and so grandeur. The Pyramid Peak was surrounded by clouds. The emerald green Lake Diablo cradled by the surrounding mountains. The green color was so pretty as if “Somebody put the Saint Patrick’s color in,” said Stephen. The scenery can match that of Switzerland. Actually, North Cascade National Park is the “American Alps.” You got to see it with your own eyes to appreciate the beauty of this nature’s wonder.

Overlook Diablo Lake.jpg


On the Road

On the Road

I charged up my laptop in the visitor center in the afternoon. The sun finally shined on the solar panel in the late afternoon and started charging the battery for the trailer. Now we felt a little bit better. After dinner, I checked on the grey tank, it was full. After 5 days in the Newhalem Campground, the Escape trailer has hit its limit. It is time to leave tomorrow.


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