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Elephant Butte Luminaria Beach Walk

It was a huge party on the beach by Elephant Butte Lake at Truth or Consequences (T or C). Three thousand luminaries lined along roads towards the marina and on the beach. Crowds from the town and afar gathered here to celebrate the lights and had fun.

People and A Bonfire by the Lake

People Surrounding A Bonfire by the Lake

A huge hot air balloon was inflated and stood high on the ground. It looked even better when it was lit up by the flame. Although it was still light at 5 p.m., bonfires were built, Christmas lights were lit, food were cooked, music was played, laughter was heard. It was an exciting place to be to spend the night. We felt the warmth and welcome immediately. It is the holiday season, let’s celebrate it together.



Local businesses and organizations put up booths and served chilies, soups, drinks, and treats. The bonfire in a huge sand pit by a popcorn stand was the biggest and brightest. It put out a lot of heat and warmed up the chilly air. I got a cup of popcorn and a guy put a strand of golden colored bead necklace on my neck. I felt blessed. The luminaries glowed peacefully with subtle warm yellow lights in the darkness. People decked out with Santa hats, reindeer horns, walking around with blinking Christmas lights necklace, eating, greeting, and laughing. Celebration was in the air.

Boats on the marina were all lit up with Christmas lights. The reflections of lights on the lake and the luminaries made this night even more prettier. We walked back to the popcorn stand with the theme of pirates. Servers wore costumes of pirates. A treasure box was filled with plastic bead necklaces. A big red sign noted “Caution Extreme Party Ahead” leaned against the popcorn stand. This stand was to raise money for the 2018 firework show. Boys and girls were throwing logs and wood to the fire pit. And the flame got higher and higher. The young man who was in charge of the firewood gave me some wood. I cheerfully threw them one by one to the fire pit. The exuberant flame of the bonfire was brilliant, wishing the new year be prosperous and peaceful.


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