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Hiking in Brooks Memorial State Park

It was cold last night and we had to turn on the heat in the middle of the night. We discussed where we should go today. I suggested that we go for a hike in the park. So after lunch, we put on our hiking shoes and hats, and each carried a bottle of water and walked towards the trail.

It was hot in the early afternoon but the breeze felt good. We saw the camp host drove by in a John Deer utility vehicle and asked him about the trails in the park. He gave us a map and suggested one route. The trails are in the other side of the park across the highway. We walked on a paved road at first. After passing some cabins, there was the trailhead. The trail is uphill under tall pine trees. We took a little break here and there. The sight of birds cheered us up. From the binoculars, we identified them as Western bluebirds. They were not as blue as the Eastern bluebirds. Some of them were junior bluebirds. I heard some loud pecking sound. After searching around, I was surprised to see two woodpeckers standing on a fallen branch on the slope by the trail. The adult woodpecker was pecking on the wood and feeding the baby woodpecker. The baby woodpecker looked bigger than the adult woodpecker. They were there for quite some time. And I took some videos and pictures using my iPhone. Cool!

We kept moving on. There was a fence with a gate ahead blocking the trail. Stephen said we could open the gate and kept walking on the trail. So we did. We saw a deer in the woods up close. It stood still when seeing us. As we walked on, it took off. The trail was most in the shade until we came to an open area with yellow grasses and white yarrow. There was a picnic table under a small oak tree. We sat down and saw windmills in the distance yellow mounds. It was not very hot in the shade with the breeze. We continued our hike and came to the view point. There we saw the symmetric peak of Mt. Hood in Oregon. It was pretty against the blue sky but it was too far away for a good photo.

We went to the end of the trail and then Stephen said let’s return. We looked at the map and found that there might be a shorter route taking us back. So we kept on going and made a right turn at a fork. We walked for a long distance and saw a couple of houses and a long fence. Stephen realized that we were on the wrong road. I took out my iPhone and luckily I had very weak cell phone service. I fired up the App Map and it told me where I was. But my cell phone was slow. So Stephen took out his iPhone and we found out that we were outside of the park. What shall we do? I said we had no choice but to go back from where we came. I have finished more than half of my water so did Stephen. I decided to drink less water on the way back.

After walking back for a while, we saw that we were in the park again from the iPhone. After passing the fork we knew we were on the right direction. We took more breaks because of the heat. I was worried about Stephen. I was doing OK besides a little bit thirsty. Stephen sweated a lot. After passing the open dry area, we were half way there. We saw the birds in the woods again but in a different area. That made us relaxed a little bit. When we passed the fence with the gate, we knew we were in good shape. We walked fast downhill and finally went back to the home sweet home. We were out there in the heat for about 3 hours and walked 4.4 miles (7 km).


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