RV Saga

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Escape Trailer

The local radio has been issuing an extreme heat advisory for a couple of days. We did all our chores early this morning. Stephen added the wiring so we can use the portable solar panel. And it works! Awesome! I started to hand wash the truck and trailer last night and continued the task. I used a small kitchen towel, a nylon dish cloth, a bucket with water, and Windex. It is not allowed to wash vehicles in the campgrounds, but I think wiping the vehicles should be OK. And I didn’t use much water at all. There was some very tough grease under the trailer above the tires. I found out that the small nylon dish cloth and Windex worked very well to remove the grease. The Escape trailer looks brand new again!

Our camp site gets shade in the morning but gets full afternoon sun. It started to get hot at 11 a.m. We didn’t want to go anywhere in the heat. So we stayed in the trailer and turned on the AC. The AC was as noisy as the AC in some of the hotels. It worked very hard to keep the room temperature at 80 degrees. The highest temperature was 95 degrees in Portland. Tomorrow it will be 108 degrees! So glad that we will escape to the coast tomorrow.


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