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Upgrading Our Trailer

Dennis from Escape Trailers set up our hitch while we were in Chilliwach yesterday. I told him we were an inch and a half low in the back due to the heavy load in the truck. He adjusted it to compensate since we would be putting at least half of the stuff into the trailer.

Got to the KOA OK. First time ever towing a trailer. Noticed the load right away. Mileage officially sucks now.

Reserved a pull through site to avoid having to back up. Unhitched and raised the trailer tongue to level the trailer. Side to side was already level. Installed X-chocks to prevent trailer movement and lowered the four stabilizers. Hooked up the power and water.

By the end of the day today we found places for most of our stuff. I had to reposition the table pedestal to correct an error by Escape. No big deal but now have 4 visible screw holes in the floor I need to fill.

Got a lot done today. Installed TV mounting swivel arm and fired up TV. Need to setup antenna. Maybe tomorrow. Installed multiple 3M command devices in bath to hold misc items. Installed motion detect night light in bath. Replaced the light under the kitchen vent hood to LED. Replaced the snap-caps from the standard tan to stylish copper. Upgraded the shower head to an Oxygenics body spa. The bath now has a bamboo floor mat to keep feet above the water when in shower.


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  1. Kathryn Jones

    Stephen – If you need to ship a few of your things to me for storage, I will keep them safe in my basement. Your trailer looks fabulous. I love your kitchen.

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