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A Day with Multiple Delights

The sun brought us another spring like day. I stepped out and had a delightful little chat with our Escape Trailer friend Sarah. She is an adventurous soul who travels with her little dog Dexter. She keeps a blog wildthingescapes.com to chronicle her adventures of North America and her artistic endeavors: painting, photography, crafts, etc. A raven flew by as we chatted and she told me that raven is her protector of this year. Sarah told me that ravens are smart, they know how to use tools to open nuts, and they like shining objects. That changed my knowledge about ravens.

In the late afternoon, Stephen and I went for a walk in the park. The river reflected the sunlight and it was glaring bright. Western bluebirds were in the trees eating mistletoe berries. We turned into the riverside trail among salt cedars. After only several yards into the trail, I saw a night heron standing on a branch of the salt cedar. It took some time for Stephen to find it through the obscured branches. Our whispers didn’t scare it away. We kept a keen eye on the bare branches as we kept going. To our delight, another night heron was perching on the branch. Its red eyes were clearly visible without the binoculars. We kept on walking and Stephen spotted another night heron hidden in the salt cedars. Wow! “That was a triple delight!” I was thrilled. I thought there were only two night herons here. We walked to the overlook point looking at the river. There was no fish nor frogs. We thought that was it for birding today. But as soon as we left the overlook point, a bird took off from the bank and landed on the shallow marsh upstream. It was another night heron! Ah, that was a quadruple delight!

It was a day with multiple delights.


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