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A Little Surprise at Chadron State Park


Gate at Chadron State Park

We chose the back road to Chadron State Park in Nebraska. There was little traffic and the country view was pleasant. The fields were blanketed with a sea of yellow wildflowers. Rolling hills were covered with grass and sagebrush. But a section of Highway 20 was under maintenance and the road was rough. Founded in 1921, Chadron State Park is the oldest state park in Nebraska located in the northwestern of the state. Located within Nebraska National Forest, lush trees and green grass surround the campground and block the view of the traffic from the nearby highway. We haven’t seen so much green in months!


Campground Trail Among Wildflowers

A nice and wide mowed campground trail winds its way along the rolling hills. Wildflowers of yellow, white, pink, magenta, blue, and purple cover the hills. Taking a walk on the trail, inhaling the sweet aroma of the wildflowers, and appreciating their beauty were wonderful. Red headed woodpeckers flew to the dead trees and pecked on the trunk. In the distance, distinctive buttes sit on top of the hills. Grove of ponderosa pines survived the 2012 West Ash Wildfire. There were some cut down charred trees gathered together laying on the hill.


Little Tiger and A Dandelion Flower

It was nice and cool on Fourth of July. A cute golden colored kitty showed up by our trailer from nowhere. I said hi to it, it came to my feet immediately. I lowered myself and rubbed it. It rolled over on the ground. I played with it for a while and then sat in my lawn chair. It didn’t leave and started to chew the outdoor mat and then hid under the straw mat. It walked around the camp fire ring and extended its body to check the inside. It also jumped to the basin on the picnic table and checked things out. Then it laid on the straw mat in front of me. It sniffed the yellow dandelion flower head and looked at me. I wondered if it was thirsty or hungry. So I brought out a bowl of water and set it on the ground. It went to the bowl and drank the water right away. Wow! I guessed it was thirsty. After a while, I put a little bit of shredded cooked chicken in a bowl. It licked up the food in no time. I got inside the trailer, and it stood on the stairs waiting. I fed it more chicken, and it cleaned up the bowl!


Kitty Drinking Water

I sat in the chair reading and the kitty came to rub against my legs. It was a little friendly creature. After a while, it laid under the trailer to stay cool. I went to check the laundry and came back and found it lying on my chair. It felt right at home. It jumped off the chair at the sight of me. So I moved the another chair in the shade. It jumped onto that chair and made itself comfortable. Fascinating! I have no pets but like to play with the kitties of my sisters-in-law. Now it has become my little buddy. It was a nice looking cat and seemed to be well fed and clean. It might belong to someone nearby. We connected the hose to the water hydrant nearby and started to fill the water tank. It came to me and I played with it. When we disconnected the hose, it played with the hose. Then the sounds of a bird in the nearby tree drew its attention. And it ran over and looked up. We coiled up the hoses and found the kitty disappeared quietly.


Little Tiger on My Chair

The little kitty was a happy surprise for the holiday. It was another highlight of our travel. And I miss it already. To our surprise, it came back again in the evening. I fed it a little bit of chicken. It finished the chicken and looked up at me. It wanted more. But I didn’t feed it again. It ran to the campsite across the road and hung out there. The two beagles next door barked loudly at the sight of the kitty. But the kitty was a fearless cat, it didn’t retreat but moved forward towards the dogs. The owners of the dogs try to calm them down. The kitty didn’t back up. The noisy scene stayed on for quite some time.


Kitty Laying on My Chair

When I came back from shower, I found the kitty was laying comfortably on my chair again. I had to make dinner and it waited by the door patiently. I took my dish outside and tried to eat. The kitty put its paws on my pants and its sharp nails got through my jeans! I rushed back into the trailer to eat my dinner. After dinner, I gave it more chicken. It cleaned the bowl up and then sat on the ground cleaned itself up. I guessed it might be full. Its eyes were heavy and I tried to take it away from our campsite. I walked out and talked to the kitty to follow me. It did follow me slowly. But it didn’t go very far and a truck towing a trailer came from behind and scared it. It ran across the road right in front of the moving vehicle. I was shocked and so did the driver. The driver asked me if the kitty was OK. I saw it was laying by the grass on the campsite looking sleepy. It seemed to be fine. I left it there and hoped it will go home soon.


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