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A Snowy Day in Desert

The world first atomic bomb was detonated at Trinity Site near Alamogordo. But we didn’t have a chance to visit it because Trinity Site is open only one day a year. Alamogordo also has White Sands Missile Range and an Air Force Base. Because of its rich history with space, we went to New Mexico Museum of Space History in this grey chilly winter day.

An icon of space exploration, a black moon rock from the moon, was on display. Standing on the platform, we experienced the vibrating and exciting moments when rockets were launched. Outdoor exhibit showcased rockets, shuttles and rocket engines. There stood a small shuttle “Little Joe 2” that was launched at White Sands Missile Range. The most interesting thing was the whisper dishes. Two small dishes were placed about 50 feet apart. Each of us stood in front of a dish. When I spoke softly to the ring in fron

t of the dish, I was surprised to hear Stephen’s whisper 50 feet away! Incredible! The dish antennas collected our weak sound waves and reflected to our ears. It demonstrated how huge dish antennas collect weak waves from space.

We spent an hour in the library updating our gadgets. The fireplace was burning logs yesterday and it was so welcoming. But it was not on today. Flurries started to come down at noon. Stephen had an award wining burger at Rockin’s BZ Burgers for lunch. I had buffet at a Chinese restaurant – Smiley’s Café, again.

Then we went to the IMAX Dome Theatre to watch a movie National Parks Adventure. The planetarium was projected with stars. Watching the movie was an awesome experience. We were surrounded with a super huge screen and we had a virtual tour to some of the national parks. At times, I experienced the dizzy height of the cliffs, the roaring currents of Colorado River, the wild bike ride on the rocky mountains, the tremendous size of redwoods, and the serenity of the lakes. It was amazing!

First Snow in Alamogordo

When we drove back towards our campground, the distant landscape disappeared in the mist. Smoky clouds rose from the canyons of Sacramento Mountains. It was surreal in the desert. And we were astonished to see our trailer and folding chairs were covered with one inch of snow! We cannot skip winter yet. The sun peeked out and the snow melt soon. The peaks of Sacramento Mountains disappeared behind the floating low clouds and reappeared after a while. What a dreamy scenery!

Clouds Surrounding Sacramento Mountains

P.S. Stephen disconnected the hose to the faucet last night. We woke up to a 18°F freezing morning. The hose was frozen, so we cannot get water into the trailer. Had to get water from the faucet outside. We are leaving this morning. Hopefully it will warm up quickly so we can roll the hose up and stow it.


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