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Amazing Hanging Wildflowers Artwork in Toledo Museum of Art

Walking in the Forest of Flowers

Walking in the Forest of Flowers

I have been to Toledo Museum of Art numerous times over the years. One of the memorable exhibitions was paintings by Van Gogh. This time I went there for the gigantic hanging wildflowers artwork by British artist Rebecca Louise Law.


Flowers and Girl


Lovers in the Forest of Flowers


A Little Girl and Her Hidden Brother in the Dry Flowers Installation

Stepping into the exhibit room, I smelled the fragrance of dry flowers immediately. In front of me was a forest of dry flowers hanging from the ceiling to floor. Half a million dry flowers collected by the artist were used in this installation artwork. Each flower was tied to a string of thin copper wire. Flowers were grouped together according to their colors, forms, and textures. Walking among the hanging flowers, you became part of the artwork. A hugging young couple transformed this artwork into a dreamy and romantic scene. A little girl standing in front of a curtain of pink flowers was just the perfect moment for a photo shoot. She looked left and right and then held her hands in front of her contemplating as if standing on a stage with the pink waterfall of flowers as her background. Her little brother hid behind her at the corner. It was fun.


Sublime Dry Flowers


Strings of Dry Flowers and Shadows

Flowers, leaves, berries, seed heads, cones, and even anise seeds were used in the installation art. The shadows of the stringed flowers on the walls added more dimension to the artwork. The visual impact of this interactive art installation was amazing. The hanging dry flowers installation evoked a special feeling of nature and awe-inspiring. Fresh flowers are fleeting beauty, but dry flowers preserve their beauty in a different form, and art of dry flowers elevates their beauty to a higher level. The artist researched the local landscape and chose the materials to use in each art installation. So the art is a representative artwork of the landscape ( An Interview of Rebeca Louise Law).


View of the Cloister


An Antique Chandelier

Toledo Museum of Art is well known for its fine collection of arts around the world. It is home to some famous artists including Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, and Henri Matisse. The Classic Court has an extensive ancient artifacts display from Egypt, Rome, and Greece. The Cloister Gallery houses a mid-12 century Cloister which originated from Saint Pons-de-Thomiéres, a town in Southern France. As a “Glass City,” the museum also has a glass pavilion with exhibitions of glass artworks and a glass-making hot shop. In addition, it also has a sculpture garden featuring sculptures Spiegel and Paulaby Spanish artist Jaume Pleusa.

Here are some arts to share with you. For more information, please visit the following links.

Ophelia by Arthur Hughes

Ophelia by Arthur Hughes. Courtesy of Toledo Museum of Art.

Wheat Fields with Reaper by Vincent van Gogh

Wheat Fields with Reaper by Vincent van Gogh. Courtesy of Toledo Museum of Art.

Water Lilies by Claude Monet

Water Lilies by Claude Monet. Courtesy of Toledo Museum of Art.

The City of Paris by Robert Delaunay

The City of Paris by Robert Delaunay. Courtesy of Toledo Museum of Art.

Spiegel by Jaume Pleusa

Spiegel by Jaume Pleusa. Courtesy of Toledo Museum of Art.

Apollo by Henri Matisse

Apollo by Henri Matisse. Courtesy of Toledo Museum of Art.

Antibes Seen from La Salis by Claude Monet

Antibes Seen from La Salis by Claude Monet. Courtesy of Toledo Museum of Art.






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