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Aspen View of Santa Fe

We drove up to the Sangre de Cresto Mountains hoping to have a birds eye view of Santa Fe. But the fall colors of aspens were more beautiful than the aerial view of Santa Fe. At an elevation of about 10,000 feet, Aspen View is a popular destination to enjoy the fall colors of Santa Fe. The golden color of aspens enliven the conifers covered peeks. The blush of orange colors among the golden colors was especially charming. It was a sunny and warm afternoon perfect for a hike in the mountains. People took their dogs and children hiking on the a rocky and wide trail ascending to the summit. The trail winds through a grove of glowing aspen. Breathing the fresh and thin mountain air, I walked on the trail and paused to enjoy the view of tall and bright golden colored aspens against the azure blue sky. After about 1.5 miles and 400 feet gain in elevation, I arrived at a point where two big boulders with a view of Santa Fe. “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Here are some pictures to share with you.


Yellow Aspen Grove


Glittering Aspens


Aspen View


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