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Our fresh water ran out early this morning. So we packed up and left Marble Creek campground. Stephen drove more confident on the narrow mountain road on the way out. As soon as we got cell phone service, Stephen called Escape Trailer Industries about the water leakage problem. We were about an hour drive from the manufacturer, so we headed to Chilliwack, BC. It was seven days ago that we drove on the same route to get our trailer.




We had to throw away the vegetables and fruits again before going through the customs. We arrived at Escape Trailer Industries at a quarter to 12. They said it could be fixed by 2 in the afternoon. Then we drove to town and had lunch at the Vietnamese Pho Galaxy restaurant again. The beef with vermicelli was delicious! We never thought that we would come back again! I joked that we crossed the border just for a bowl of pho. I wonder if Americans living by the border would come to Canada just for eating at the good restaurants. Stephen said some people might do, and he knew that some Canadian crossed the border to get gas in the U.S. because it is cheaper.

They fixed the trailer early in the afternoon. We had to take the same route and went through the border again. The custom officer also showed great interests on the trailer and the diesel truck. We felt like we were traveling in style.

We booked two nights at the same Lynden KOA. When we parked on our campsite, we saw the old man’s RV was by our site. We became neighbors again! It was like Déjà vu!

It took some efforts to unhitch the trailer. Hopefully we will get better on it.

The good thing about KOA is having unlimited water and power! We were so worried about fresh water at the forest service campground. Water was the most critical factor of how long an RV can go boondocking. It was so nice to get fresh water and all cleaned up again.

Dinner in Escape Trailer

Dinner in Escape Trailer


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