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Beginning of Spring Leaps into Summer

Beginning of Spring, the first solar term in the Chinese Lunar Calendar fell on February 4th this year. Although most areas in the northern hemisphere are still cold, we felt spring has been skipped and we are leaping into summer in the southern New Mexico because of its hot afternoons.

The local golf course announced its opening on February 2. We had to turn on the AC in the truck on the way to Las Cruces. It felt like summer when the blazing sun heated the inside of the truck. Locals were wearing shorts and T-shirts but I was wearing a sweater in the grocery store. I haven’t accustomed to the big temperature difference between day and night yet. In the deserts, the night temperature could dip to 14°F and heat up to 70°F or more in the day. Two days ago, the outdoor thermometer on our trailer read 90°F when the glaring sun shone on the bright white trailer. A white van with printed words “Stop for Children” on the hood drove on the Caballo Lake Riverside Campground. What sounds more like summer than an ice cream truck for kids?


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