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Camping at Platte River Campground


Lighthouse by Empire, Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes with Manitou Island in the Distance

It has been raining almost every day when we camped at Platte River Campground. The second night was quiet at first and the eerie calls from a lonely owl in the tree made the night even quieter. But as the night progressed, wind started to pick up and the high wind whistled through the woods and heavy rain came down. “Bang!” Something dropped to the top of the trailer and made a loud sound. I feared that the high wind could bring down the trees around us. The high wind and overnight rain caused a power outage at the campground. Bathrooms were closed early in the morning!!! That was unexpected. Had to use our little bathroom. I felt sorry for tent campers. Then rain dampened the fun of camping.


Camping at Platte River Campground

The campsite was littered with branches and sticks. A big stick laying on the ground in front of the trailer might be the object that hit the trailer last night. Thankfully there were no damages. We were concerned about how long the power outage would be. Our solar panel doesn’t work in the deep shade. So we didn’t dare to turn on any lights even though they are LED lights. The post on the restroom said power will be restored at about 11:30 in the morning. That made us feel a little better. We left the campground for a drive around the Leelanau Peninsular, hoping we will have power when we get back. But we were disappointed to see the signs still hanging on the restrooms later in the afternoon.

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Calm Tides of Lake Michigan Near Platte River Campground

After sitting in the truck for most of the day, I needed to walk around. So I headed to the RR Grade Trail. It has been another gray day. Although it was only 3:30 in the afternoon, it was dim in the woods. The trail was straight and mulched. So it was easy to walk on. Some acorns and other nuts dropped on the ground. It was hot and humid. The humidity might be 100%. The last stretch of the trail was sand and it was harder to hike. At the end of the trail was Lake Michigan. A nice long sandy beach stretches between Platte River Point and Empire Bluff. Few pebbles were on the beach. The tireless lapping waves gently kissed the beach and retreated and then came back again and again. It would be nice to see sunset here. But I couldn’t wait that long and it might rain again.


Panko Cod Fillets

Walking on the trail in this humid day made me sweat heavily. I was longing for a hot shower. But we were still out of power when I returned. Just when I was pan frying panko coated cod fillets, we were thrilled to hear the fan making noise from the battery of the trailer, and the indicator switched to AC. Woohoo! We got power! But another thunderstorm was approaching, and fast. Thunder rumbled in. After dinner, I hurried to take a shower. I heard the rain started in the shower. I walked through the small river on the road to the trailer in the torrential rain with a little umbrella in my hand. Still I got wet because of the heavy rain. Lightning and thunder alternatively tore up the sky. Water runoffs from the slope built a mini lake by the campsite. I partially dried my hair using the hair dryer. Then we lost power again! We were lucky to get things done when we had power and the battery of the trailer was 90% charged up.


Overlook at Empire Bluff

The power was back again at about 3:30 in the morning. I had a hard time going back to sleep for a while. Finally I put on my earbuds listening to the music on my iPad and drifted into sleep. When I woke up at 7:30, we still had power. Thank God!



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