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Caught A Soon-to-Be Flat Tire in Time!

We were ready to leave Homolovi State Park Campground at about 10 this morning. Stephen suddenly became upset and told me we had a flat tire coming. It was the rear tire on the right of the trailer. He said he noticed it because he rubbed some gravels out of the tire, but there was one that he couldn’t remove. He took a close look and found out that it was a nail. The tire was softer than the front tire and had a low tire pressure. We had to replace the tire with the backup tire that has been hung at the back of the trailer for almost four months.

We unloaded stuffs and got the ramp and tools out of the truck. Took the bikes down in order to get the backup tire. Stephen put the ramp in front of the front tire. Then he drove the truck forward to let the the front tire sit on the ramp. That rose the soon to be flat rear tire in the air. We loosed the nuts and cap of the bad tire, and mounted the backup tire. Hew! Thankfully Stephen caught the problem in time!

A Nail on Rear Tire

Replacing the Rear Tire


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