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Enjoy Hot Springs Bathing at T or C

I have been longing for a bath in hot springs, and my dream came true at Truth or Consequences (T or C). The name of the town was Hot Springs because of its famous hot springs in downtown. The PH of hot springs is 7, perfectly neutral. The water has no odor. Chloride in the hot springs sterilizes skin and maintain the purity of water. The hot springs appeared more than 50 million years ago. 38 different minerals are presented in the pristine water. The potential health benefits drew visitors to this little town in New Mexico.

Hot Springs Tub at Riverbend

Hot Springs Tub at Riverbend

We tried three different hot springs bathhouses. The first one was Riverbend Hot Springs. It cost $32 for a bath in a private room with a river view for an hour. We were required to take a shower before bathing. The temperature of hot springs at room Apache was 103°F. Soothing music was played and guests were asked to whisper to keep the place quiet. The roomy square tub was smooth. Water fell to the drainage canal making a pleasant sound. Succulent plants decorated the front edge of the tub. It was pleasant to see coots diving in and out of the river. Water in the tub was clear and hot. It was so relaxing. But after a while, I felt too hot. Pulling the string of the showerhead above the hot tub, cold water came down to cool me off. There were two beach lounge chairs in the room for resting and cooling off. The breeze was a little cool on the bare skin though. One hour soaking in the hot springs was a little long for us. But we enjoyed our first experience of a hot springs bath.

La Paloma Hot Springs

La Paloma Hot Springs

Later we went to La Paloma Hot Springs & Spa. It claimed to have the natural hot springs flowing to the hot tub without pumps or pipes. It cost $14 for a soak in an enclosed private room for half an hour. The outdated room was narrow and small with a small tub. The hot spring water was murky with a temperature of 105°F. Standing on the pebbles in the hot tub was not very comfortable. But thinking about that we were standing on the natural free flowing hot springs coming from deep in the earth made us feel good. There was a thick rope hanging from the ceiling. Holding the end of the rope made me float on the water. That was a little bit fun.


Private Bathing Room at Blackstone


Hot Springs Tub at Blackstone

Sitting Room at Blackstone

Sitting Room at Blackstone

We went to Blackstone Hotsprings at last. It was the ultimate hot springs bath for $37 (one hour). A small cup of water and a bath towel were provided. Upon entering the huge enclosed private room, the sound of the falling water in the wet room excited us immediately. Nice house plants decorated the sitting room and the shower room. Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash were provided in the shower room. The temperature of hot spring was 103°F. The hot waterfall in the wet room fell on my back and felt like a massage. It was wonderful. But the roaring sound of falling water was a little too loud after a while. I alternated soaking in the tub and massaging in the wet room. Standing under the warm water trickling down the fake stalactites at the corner of the tub also cooled me a little.

It was amazing that we could indulge ourselves in hot springs in the desert. Three different experience of hot springs bath, same relaxing result.


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