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Although we were low on fresh water in the water tank of the trailer, we still tried out the shower for the first time last night. I couldn’t figure out how to keep the stopper in the up position in order to get continuous water flow from the shower head. So most time the water came out from the faucet and was wasted away. Stephen was able to get continuous water flow from the shower head while he took a quick shower.

We had the luxurious shower and the water level was down to below 1/3 this morning. We thought we should be fine on water for another day considering the river is nearby. After 2 nights, the black tank was empty (less than 1/3), the grey tank was between 1/3 to 2/3 full, the battery was 2/3 full, and we were still green on the first propane tank. We have two propane tanks. Our campsite was in a shady area, so the solar panel couldn’t charge the battery.

I got another 5 liters of river water this morning and used the water to boil eggs, brush my teeth, and wash my face again. I boiled more river water and mixed it with cold river water in a basin. Stephen set the basin on the picnic table and wet his hair first, then shampooed it. I rinsed his hair when he bent down. There was still some warm water in the basin, so Stephen had a good shave using the mirror on the truck. We were very energy conservative by not using much water and power.

We set up the screen room yesterday. Two folding chairs and a teak side table fit in the screen room. Mosquitoes were bad the first night, but few mosquitoes showed up last night. So we were able to sit by the fire pit and watched the flames. The flames warmed me up and that was the best part of camp life.

Wild Foxgloves

Wild Foxgloves


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