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Extreme Water Management

I came up with an idea to get water from the Cascade River when I was in bed last night. Each of us carried a 6-liter Rubbermaid food container to the river and filled them up with icy cold glacial water. Birds were singing in the cool morning. The sun has lit up the snow-capped peaks. The water got heavier as we walked along. We took one break on the way back. I told Stephen that there was no well nor river in the town where mom grew up. She had to carry two buckets of water on her shoulder using a bamboo stick and walked to a river several miles away to get water everyday. Compared to mom, we only had to walk less than half a mile to get water.

I used the river water to boil eggs first. Then mixed up the boiling water with some cold river water to wash our hands in a basin. I also used the boiling river water to brush my teeth. Because there were some small debris, I used the coffee filter to filter the river water. After breakfast, I used the boiling river water to rinse the pan. I warmed up some filtered river water. Then I poured some warm water into a small paper bowl, and put the basin on the counter extension to catch the water when I was washing my face. Then I used the water in the basin to flush toilet. Glad we were not in the desert!


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