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First Day of Spring


Spring Blossoms at Florida Mountains


The Pink Store at Palomas, Mexico

It sure is spring in Las Cruces, New Mexico, with some green willows and flowering trees by the road. We drove to Palomas, Mexico, for Stephen’s dental appointment. The border has a new wall and a new building. The road to Mexico was under construction and workers wrapped their faces with handkerchiefs, maybe to protect them from sun and dusts. It was noon, and there were few Mexicans in the street. The dentist office was only minutes from the border. The dentist said Stephen needed to come back by the end of May. After the dental appointment, we browsed the Pink Store again. Surprisingly, the restaurant was filled with American diners. A Mexican musician was playing piano and singing. The store has reorganized the display of merchandise and it seemed to be more spacious. I bet the store is doing good business. Going back to the U.S. soil was as easy as showing your passport. The officer only asked, “Did you buy anything?” No stamps were put on the passport.

Driving across Columbus and into Deming, we stopped at Forghedaboudit Italian Restaurant for its NYpizza. It was almost 2 o’clock in the afternoon and there were still several eaters in the restaurant. The waitress closed the door after we ordered. We were lucky to arrive here in time. The restaurant tables were covered with plastic checkered red table cloth. Posters from the movie Godfather were hung on the walls. The 16 inch pepperoni pizza was served quickly on a big black iron dish. The cheese on the pizza was pulled into strings when Stephen tried to pick up a slice of it. It had a nice crust and cheesy. It was tasty but a bit salty to my taste. The top chef and owner Bob came and asked about “How’s everything?” Stephen said we heard it was the best restaurant in town. Bob replied proudly, “Indeed it is the best!”


California Poppy Flowers on the Hillside of Florida Mountains

I remembered seeing a photo of Florida Mountains with beautiful blossoms in the  foothills. So we headed to Spring Canyon State Park at Deming hoping to see spring flowers at Florida Mountains. Driving down the steep road to the park which has a 17% grade like riding a roller coaster, we saw yellow flowers by the road immediately. Yellow poppy flowers and other flowers blanketed the desert field. We stopped at the entrance of the park and climbed up the hill despite the loose rocks under the feet. Happy yellow poppies and some small purple flowers were gleaming on the hillside. We walked among the field of California poppies at the foothill of Florida Mountains. The jagged ancient peaks of Florida Mountains has been sitting silently for millions of years, while the golden colored puppies danced in the wind celebrating their short yet brilliant life. It was such a wonderful scene in the desert, especially on the first day of spring.


Full Moon at Spring Equinox


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