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First Impressions of Our Escape Trailer

Everything works so far. We are at a full service campground so we have water hookup and power hookup and a dump station next to the trailer. Set the fridge on the highest setting (5) so it would cool down fast. Fast is a relative term for these type of refrigerators. It takes a while for the main part of the fridge to cool down. I have 2 remote sensors, one for fridge and one for freezer and I can monitor the temps on my iphone. Woke up this morning and the freezer was at 0 degrees and the fridge was at 32.2 degrees. Yikes, a little too cool in the fridge. Changed the setting to 4 and we are starting to climb a bit. Fridge can run on 120 VAC or 12 VDC or propane. Ran yesterday on campground supplied 120VAC. Changed it over to propane this morning to check that it works.

It was cool when we woke up, probably in the 50s so I fired up the furnace. Works great. Warmed us up in no time and fairly quiet.

There is a very nice fan in the ceiling that can either blow out or blow in. The speed is controllable and even have a remote. It can really move some air and is quiet.

Haven’t needed AC but did fire it up to check. Rather noisy but does put out cold air.

Need to hit the Walmart this morning for essential supplies.

Comforter looks nice on the bed. Thanks Kathy and Ellen.


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  1. Fhammond@bex.net

    Looks very nice! Glad you all are enjoying your adventure in camping. Thanks for the update. RV looks very nice.

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