RV Saga

Impressions of South Eastern Washington

The reason we came to this part of Washington was to stay away from the beaten path and to pick up our mail and the outdoor stove ordered from Walmart. Chelan is in the rain shadow of the colossal North Cascade Range, so it is a high desert that is dry most of the year. I felt the sun was even closer and brighter here. Vegetables are more expensive. A package of roman lettuce costs $4.99. We didn’t get any eggs because the grocer Safeway ran out of it! I thought apples should be cheap here because lots of apple orchards are here. But apples are also expensive at $1.79 per pound.

We left Daroga State Park and headed south towards Ellensburg looking for a place to stay tonight. The magnificent Columbia River cuts through the yellow hilly terrain. A jet boat pulled a surfer painted some fast strokes on the calm water. In the center of the turn stood a giant grotto that was carved by the river for millions of years. If it was not for the existence of Columbia River, this valley would have been a deserted land. On the yellow barren hillside, farmers stacked up stones to make terraces and planted fruit trees and berry bushes. The bountiful sun and water supply made the cherries so sweet. We stopped by a farmer’s fruit stand and bought a big bag of Rainier cherries. The biggest and sweetest cherries I have ever had.

Sweet Cherries

Sweet Cherries

We left highway 150 and took Washington 2/ 97 entering Wenatchee National Forest. The lush greenery soothed our eyes. We stopped by an old forest service campground by the road and had lunch. The campground is too close to the road and water supply was cut off until further notice. There was only one RV camping there. We kept going towards Ellensburg. When we were there, I fired up the GPS. It told us there was a KOA in Ellensburg. We don’t usually trust GPS but we followed the direction this time. However, it told us to make numerous turns. We were uncertain about where we were going. At last, it instructed us to turn left on highway 97 at the overpass. Frustrated and anxiously, we approached the overpass. Then a hidden down road appeared on the left right by the overpass. We took a left turn and downed the road. There was the KOA. Why didn’t they have any signs out there? Glad we found it!



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