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Into Oregon

We set out to meet a guy in Hillsboro, Oregon, to get a customized bin for storage under the bed in the Escape trailer. As we left Goldendale, I noticed another mountain with glacier just above the horizon in the western sky next to Mt. Adams. It doesn’t have a peak like other volcanic mountains. It might be Mt. St. Helens which blew its top off in 1980. From the interpretive sign at the view point, it illustrated four glaciated peaks. But we missed it yesterday.

I84 took us along the scenic Columbia River, and we were able to appreciate the charm of this area again. The yellow mounds like the muscle of the earth giving this landscape profound weights. The deep motherly Columbia River nourishes lives of people and wild life. The snow-capped volcanic mountains add beauty and a little uncertainty. Nothing is perfect. We just hope peace will be here to stay.

Traffic was heavy in Portland. It said that Portland is one of the best cities to live in the U.S. And I have been longing to visit this place. I was happy to see light rails. There was a long tunnel on the road and houses were built above it! Stephen said no wonder there is a blank section on the map. Towing a trailer through a major city was the first time for Stephen. We felt relief when we parked on the parking lot of Fred Meyer. The guy who made the storage bin for us was there.

It was hot in the upper 80s. We had the convenience to buy grocery and put ice cream to the freezer on the trailer right away. After another 20-minute drive, we arrived at the Stub Stewart State Park. Turned on the AC, and we were ready for the heat wave in the coming days.


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