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Lively Farmers and Crafts Market in Las Cruces

A Parrot Whisperer

A Parrot Whisperer

The brilliant sunrise ushered us another lovely Saturday morning. We went to the Farmers and Crafts Market again for the food, live music, and people. A juggler juggling bowling pins in front of the Rio Grande Theatre started the dynamism of the market. Vendors’ tents lined up the main street, selling arts, crafts, gem stones, local produce and food. Local small family nursery put out plants and vegetable seedlings for sale. Cacti, tomato and basil plants, to name a few. Jewelry, wood, tin, furniture, knitted or braided crafts, hand stitched or machine embroidery table linens, clothing for kids and dogs, yarn, and mixed media were neatly displayed. Photos and paintings were hung inside and outside of the booth or displayed on tables. Mobile food vendors were preparing food for coming customers. There were also booths for on-site massage. People walked on the street, browsing and buying arts and crafts, sampling local honey, and eating street food.

It was only a little past 9 o’clock but there was already a long line in front of the Southwestern Kettle Corn. Stephen stayed in line for at least 20 minutes and finally got a big bag of puffy savory sweet kettle corn that we craved for (30 minutes last time). Musicians started to show up. There were solo performers. A girl sang Adele’s song; A short young boy played a tuba that was half of his height; A girl sat on the curb of the street playing ukelele. A band of two teenagers was playing Jazz. One boy played bass, and the other boy played saxophone. We sat on the bench behind them and enjoyed the music and pop corn. How nice! It was relaxing to just sit there and watch the world going by. Kids walking by with painted face held the hands of their parents, laughing and talking. Dogs in different sizes and breeds walked by their owners, greeted other dogs, petted by different hands. People with different style met their friends and had a small chat in the street. Everyone was enjoying the sunshine and the activities in the market. We all immersed in the light hearted air of this small world.

A Young Tuba Player

A Young Tuba Player

Last Saturday, a high school marching band was performing on the stage in the center plaza, and several classic vehicles were on display by the plaza. That might be for a special event. The fountain was still the center of joy for kids and dogs. The same black bulldog was in the center of the fountain again. He was jumping around trying to block the flow of the fountain. Two little girls with painted face wearing bathing suits were running around the fountain. Their light laughter and the sound of the fountain filled the air with joy, and smile was on the audiences’ face. More kids joined and had fun with the water. By the plaza, a man was playing island accents steel drum music. A circle of audience was watching an elderly man with long white beard and his parrot. The man asked the parrot to perform what he instructed. He was sure a parrot whisperer. The 24-year-old parrot did all kinds of tricks, such as somersaulting on his arm, speaking words, flying, and kissing him in the mouth. A group of four people wearing green clothing danced in front of a bar. And an elderly man dressed in Scottish costume was playing bag pipe nearby. Oh, Saint Patrick Day is coming.


The Saturday market is filled with livelihood and fun and it opens from 8:30 a.m. to 1p.m. It is not very crowded and just the right size. Museums are right on the Main Street. So it is convenient to get inside to use the bathrooms or sit down to enjoy some fine arts. We went into the museum and checked out the spiny soft shell turtle again because for the first time we saw three of their cousins in the river yesterday.

The mobile wood fired oven by Joshua’s Pie tent baked delicious pizza on order. It only took 8 minutes for an order to be fulfilled. That was fast! Like last Saturday, we had the wood fire pizza for lunch again. Then we walked to the nearby Popular Artisan Bread Bakery and bought a loaf of bread and two dinner rolls. Those bread and rolls are so good that we always get some on our grocery shopping trip.


A Spiny Soft Shell Turtle

Wind started to pick up at noon and became really windy in the afternoon. It was a pity that the night sky program was cancelled due to the windy and cloudy situation. But the double rainbows in the dark eastern sky at sunset was a pretty ending for a wonderful day.


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