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Living Off the Grid

We were living off the grid for continuous 62 days from 8/29/2017 to 10/29/2017! This is all because of the solar panel on top of our Escape trailer and the portable solar panel that Stephen connected to the trailer. We stayed in BLM campgrounds to cut lodging cost. Since we didn’t need power supply, we only need food, diesel, propane, water, and dump stations. Our favorite campground was Silver Lake Campground in California so far. It has fresh water supply, showers, and clean bathrooms. Close to dump stations. It is located in a scenic valley and there are lots of attractions nearby.

We learned how to conserve energy especially water. We stay in touch with our family and friends mainly through Internet. It has been a nice journey so far. We live a simple life, enjoying the magnificent nature, and learning from what we see and experience. Our RV journey continues.

Silver Lake Campground, CA

A Dramatic Sunset at Silver Lake Campground


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