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More Arts and Flowers in Santa Fe


Kearny’s Gap Bridge at Santa Fe Botanical Garden

We made more art tours around the Santa Fe area. Santa Fe Botanical Garden has a sculpture exhibit. It features bronze animal sculptures by Adan Ostermiller. The majestic Sangre de Cristo Mountains sets a fine background for the garden. Arts and flowers are twins that accentuate each other and make this landscape more beautiful. The triumphant ram, the playful bear, the cute bunny, the majestic American golden eagle, and the elegant deer enlivened this small garden. The historical red Kearny’s Gap Bridge is a Warren Truss style bridge. The design features cross-bracing on both sides of the bridge. The bridge was in service near Las Vegas, NM.

The garden has a nice layout of its limited collection of plants in the garden. Roses and penstemons were in bloom. Juicy cherries were about to ripen. Two hornos were built near the gathering place. We saw hornos by the houses of the Pueblo community and were wondering what they were. Now we learned that they were adobe ovens. I bet the bread, corn, and turkey cooked in hornos are delicious. An interpretive sign introduced datura to me. The white trumpet shaped flowers grow along the roadside in the desert. They look like giant weeds. But if you communicate with plants and respect them, they will work with you, as the sign says. Specifically, datura can be used topically for pain relief, and “the flowers can be put under your pillow or next to your bed to help you fall asleep.” Explained on the sign. Well, it sounds enticing but I wouldn’t try to pick a datura flower and place it in the room because datura is poisonous.

The highlight of  Turquoise Trail was the galleries at Madrid. Artists made this little town a tourist attraction. Wooden sculptures of Buddha hands, outdoor swings, and benches were displayed in front of a shop. A sculpture of a fork was the front end of a fence. The Great Madrid Gift Emporium had a bleached bull skull hanging above the sign of the store. The influence of Georgia O’Keefe is everywhere. The front yard has a rock garden planted with yuccas, cacti, and a few succulents. At the corner was a beautiful bush with exotic huge yellow flowers with red stamens. Two bright yellow lawn chairs on the gravel front yard welcomed visitors to stop by.


A Water Garden In Front of the Store Named On Canyon Road

We went back to Canyon Road again. Walking downhill from the Teahouse at the top of the road was much easier. A giant sculpture of a horse head by Ronnie Layden sat noticeably by a gallery. The blue patina of the bronze sculpture proclaimed its significance.   The beautiful water garden tucked at the front corner of a store grabbed my attention.  A small waterfall cascaded to a yellow columbines surrounded mini pond. A few golden fish were swimming in the pond. A sculpture of a big cat, maybe a cougar, sat by the pond. Another cougar sat on top of the store watching over the Canyon Road. On Canyon Road is a consignment store with fine antique furniture, paintings, and sculptures. The exotic Angle’s trumpets hanging from the ceiling looked perfect. The building was a shelter for animals. The dome shaped roof let in plenty of diffused soft natural lights for the display.

I was taking photos of a pot with fountain grass like crafts in front of the gallery of gf Contemporary. The young man of the gallery came out and told me they were cut out from plastic. What a great idea! No maintenance potted plant is perfect for the desert. The gallery of gf Contemporary has arts from talented contemporary artists. The visual impact of the vibrant colors of Lola’s tinted epoxy resin made them stand out. Stripes of carved mahogany formed decorative arts entitled Origins Ocean were created by Pascal Pierme.


The Invisible Figure Sculpture by Julian Voss

The coolest art was a sculpture by Julian Voss in front of Gallery 901. It was like a figure from a sci-fi movie as you move and watch her. The sculpture appeared to be invisible at one angle and then reappear. The illusion of the invisible sculpture was amazing!

Many eye catching sculptures and flowers were displayed along the Canyon Road. I was fascinated by the originality and creativity of the artists and appreciated them. Arts and flowers make our world more beautiful, nourish our soul, and inspire us in other areas of life.


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