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Nice Living Desert Zoo & Gardens at Carlsbad

Mountain-LionsIt was a breezy sunny morning. We went to the Living Desert Zoo & Gardens at Carlsbad. It features birds and animals living in deserts and desert plants. Most plants were still brown, so the gardens were not very attractive this time of the year. But there were some beautiful purple blossoms on mescal bean sophora (also called Texas Mountain Laurel), an evergreen plant. A yellow swallowtail butterfly danced on the purple flowers. A few banana yucca had a flower stalk covered with creamy flowers. A huge reddish flower head was surrounded by an array of sharp leaves of a yucca. In the greenhouse, small yellow blossoms covered the slim branches of foothill palo verde. The red hot color of hibiscus flowers on hibiscus tree were intense.

The best of the zoo was the mountain lions. The couple were lying on a flat area up in the rock formations. The female mountain lion looked at us with her beautiful eyes while the male mountain lion was taking a nap. The boy half opened his eyes once a while and went back to sleep. After a while, the girl was sleepy, too. And she laid her head down on the back of the boy. What a peaceful scene!

The golden eagle was another highlight in the zoo. Its golden feather on the nape shined in the sun. It also made high pitched calls when we were there. It might want to go outside and fly. Prairie dogs were fun to watch. One prairie dog put its nose close to the other one’s rear end. And they made different sounds. Maybe it’s their mating season. There were other animals such as bison, pronghorn, elk, to name a few. A nice woven tapestry with patterns of snakes hugged the wall of the small exhibition of desert reptiles. The gypsum hills were spectacular. It had layers of white gypsum rocks. And a gypsum sinkhole was nearby. There was also a pond with fish and turtles.

It was a nice visit to Living Desert Zoo & Gardens.


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