RV Saga

No Reservations

Because of the busy summer traveling season, it was hard to get in any campsites in parks and forest services in this area. Most forest service campgrounds are run on the rules of “First come, first serve.” We don’t have any reservations after tonight. After searching the Internet, we decided to head east and cross the North Cascade Range towards Chelan, where we are going to pick up our mail and our camping stove ordered from Walmart. We asked our mail service provider to forward our mail to the post office in Chelan. We are going to try our luck on forest service campgrounds.

We went grocery shopping today and got enough food, drinking water, paper towels, and paper plates. Then I cooked a big pot of chili for dinner, and packed the rest for the road. Stephen filled up the fresh water tank and checked the hot water valve. There was no water leakage from the hot water valve when we used water from the water tank. Escape employees seemed to fix the water leakage problem.

I took a walk around the KOA campground and noticed a row of trailers were tucked away at the other side of the lake where it was quiet. There were potted plants and flowers in front of trailers. Some even had wooden stairs, white fences, patio furniture by the trailers. I guess those campers were long-term customers of this campground. They probably made it home here. I told Stephen about it and we thought it might be worth to get a KOA membership. So at a cost of $30, we joined KOA. The benefit is that we are going to get 10% off for future stays.

At night, when the sounds of bouncing basket balls came to ear from the playground, it sounded so familiar to the life in China, where you hear your neighbors, kids running around. The sounds of the KOA campground made me feel living in China. Tomorrow we are going to travel on no reservations.


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