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Revelation of Rocks Found at Rockhound State Park

We climbed up Little Floridas looking for gem stones twice. The hike was steep and there were no clear trails. We fumbled our way to another white stripe that was below the group of boulders. There were two huge holes that were dug out by rock hounders. The wall seemed to have hard rocks with some jaspers in them. We continued climbing up to the rock wall we were at last time.

A Round Rock on the Wall

A Round Rock on the Wall

A Thunder Egg Nodule

A Thunder Egg Nodule

Those black perlites were easy to be knocked off. I wore a mask, sunglasses, a hat, and gloves to protect myself from dust, rock chips and sun. We dug the wall patiently but aimlessly. And it seemed like going nowhere. Then I saw a brown round spot at the bottom of the black wall. I touched it and it felt hard. I told Stephen and we started to dig around it. After a bit of chiseling and hammering, the rock fell to the ground. It was as big as my fist and it was heavy. Wow! It looked like a thunder egg nodule. Stephen chiseled away some of the perlites on the outside of the nodule. We kept on digging but didn’t find any other gem rocks.


A Big Geode

We took our rocks to Trina’s Rock Shop at Deming later. The lady told us the rocks we found were geodes. She was excited to reveal the big geode to us after she cut it open. “I’ve never seen anything like this!” She said while handing half of the geode to us. It was a cool rock! There were petrified mud, black agate with quartz crystals, white opalite, blue chalcedony, and clear agate with small plume in the cavity of rhyolite. Wow! We were thrilled to see the hidden beauty inside the brown and plain rock. The other small rocks also had different minerals in them. The polished little half round rock looked like an eyeball. The lady said, “You did very well!” Cheers!


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