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Riverfront Algonac State Park, Michigan

A Jet Boat Riding by Manitowoc with Canada in the Background

A Jet Boat Riding by Manitowoc with Canada in the Background

Watching freighters going by on the St. Clair River right from our campsite, that is what we are doing here at Algonac State Park Campground. The first freighter we saw was M/V Lee A. Tregurtha. It is a long Interlake freighter with 826 feet. Stephen used to work on one of the freighters of Interlake. That might have evoked some of his memories of life on the boats. I didn’t know its significance and now I regret that I didn’t take a photo of it. Lee A. Tregurtha is a freighter constructed in 1942 as a World War II tanker. She won two battle stars for her service in WWII as the Chiwawa. After numerous alterations over the years, she still cruises on the big lakes.

Dipping My Feet in the Nice and Clear St. Clair River

Dipping My Feet in the Nice and Clear St. Clair River

The park is only about 50 yards from the bank. Not only we are watching freighters going by, we are looking at Canada across the river and watching Canadian TV channels. Hello, Canada! The Canadian town is Port Lambton of Ontario. Canada national flags dotted the waterfront community across the river. It is so close that we don’t even need the binoculars to see the houses and cars on the other side of the river. The border line is on the center line of the river, I suppose. But there are no sights of any markers. I am glad Canadians are our friends. The water of St. Clair River is clear and we saw a good size fish. A few trees and some yellow evening primroses with faded blossoms beatify the bank. Water level is high and it is only about a couple of feet below the bank. I stepped into the river from the bank. The rocks were sharp under my bare feet, but the water was cool and nice in this hot summer day.


John G. Munson, A Great Lake Fleet Freighter



Federal Alster, A Freighter Travels Under the Flag of Marshall Island, Built in 2016.


Bro Agnes, A Freighter from Singapore

A fleet of vessels cruises up and down this busy waterway carrying cargos to different destinations. Most of them are American and Canadian freighters. There were also freighters from as far as Singapore and Marshall Island. Occasionally, the coming freighter blew her horn. That deep and soothing sound reverberated in the air. We use marinetraffic.com to track the freighters through Algonac.



The scenery of St. Clair River is lively and ever changing. Besides giant freighters, there were also yachts, jet boats, sail boats, tugboats, and fishing boats on the water. While Bro Agnes from Singapore glided southward in a steady and slow manner, a jet boat towing an inner tube with a person on it sped by the freighter. When night draped its dark curtain, the lights on the freighter and their reflections lit up the night. In our sleep, Lee A. Tregurtha has arrived at her destination of Marquette. Now I looked her up again, she is on her way to Dearborn. To me, Lee A. Tregurtha not only carries a heavy load of iron ore, she also carries my hope to see her again.


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