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Severe Drought in New Mexico


Now: Dry Elephant Butte Lake in Fall of 2018

We headed south to stay warm in light of the snow in Northern New Mexico. But we were shocked by the sad scene of Elephant Butte Lake. There is no lake!!! Only a small river or should I say creek lays helplessly on the dry reservoir bed. Yet the lake was filled with water in the spring. What happened to the lake?


Now: Dry Elephant Butte Lake on October 14, 2018

According to www.drought.gov, as of October 9, 2018, 99% of the people in New Mexico are suffering from drought. There was almost no drought one year ago. The abnormal dry winter contributed to the drought situation. Apparently, the monsoon season didn’t bring enough rain to replenish the rivers and reservoirs. The early snow in Northern New Mexico might signal more snow this winter. Hopefully this will bring back the lake and alleviate the drought condition.


Memory: Elephant Butte Lake in February 2018


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