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Trailer Improvements

Battery Monitor

Battery Monitor

Added a battery monitor system so we can check the status of the batteries remotely via phone or laptop. The trailer came with a solar battery charger that also displays some battery info but the new one I installed gives much more info like amp hours consumed, time remaining at current rate of discharge and other cool stuff.

Keyless Lock

New Lock

Installed a new lock on the door that provides for keyless entry via either a code entered on a touchpad or the use of a remote. Very cool and pretty easy to do.

Installed another Umbra hook on the wall by the bed. This one is only 3 hooks compared to the larger 5 hook one by the dinette.

Installed an accumulator after the discharge of the water pump. This will help even out pressure demand and keep the pump from cycling so often.

Other plans to come:

Install LED strip lighting in the overhead storage compartments. Still need a drill bit so I can install the switches I have for the lights. Otherwise everything is here to do the job.



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